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Taste - Cuisine

Restaurant city " 厨 (Kuriya)"

Restaurant 「厨(Kuriya)」 We prepare freshly made meals within a "dining district " kitchen

Restaurant city

In "山中温泉「厨八十八」(Yamanaka Onsen Kuriya Yasohachi)" in the middle of the hall, there is a dining district " where the chef cook in the kitchen inside freshly prepared food. for those seated at the counter-

In the dinning street surrounding the counter chef, the seat is either "Counter seating" or "Private room seating"

You can choose between two courses, "やそはち十味 (Yaohachi Toumi)" and "くりや八味 (Kuriya Hachimi)".

くりや八味(Kuriya Hachimi)

Approximately eight kinds of Kaiseki course which narrows the number of items enphazasing  produce quality and taste 

"くりや八味(Kuriya Hachimi)" served only at the counter seats. Just 10 seats available. .


Meals at "Counter Ombre seats" in the dining district "kitchen" are those where you not only enjoy delicious dishes but also get involved in the great experience to watch the exquisite tempo of great chefs at work 

 "山中温泉「厨八十八」(Yamanaka Onsen Kuriya Yasohachi)"  it is commited to "delicious dishes"  made from superb produce with reliable and careful work".

Taste authentic Kaiseki in a private room

山中温泉「厨八十八」(Yamanaka Onsen Kuriya Yasohachi) standard plan "やそはち十味 (Yasohachi Toumi)" monthly menu: ten dishes, handmade, cooked thoughtfully..
Without the use of chemical seasoning. Great taste achieved by the ingenous an expert combination of the right ingrediens.

You can enjoy your meal slowly alone or with your party, without having to worry about other customers, "Private Room Zashikika" separated private rooms in the premises town.


Azukasara Eel Yanagawa pulling shrimp sorghum month, but lily root hydrangea gathering   Figs miso cliff salmon zucchini winding   Tossed Shirouri thunder Dried plum
Soot Takebuta loin Ajibo sushi Ayu Nanban pickled garfish green laver grilled
Your bowl Abalone, true steam shiitake, vine, vegetables, carrots, tinsel citron
Otsukuri (sliced raw fish) Seasonal fish, wasabi
Grilled dish Suzuki, oil grilled asparagus, dichroic source paprika
Tempura Eggplant and beef fins, scissors roasted potatoes, tatami matsutaki, snacks  
Medium-sized dish Tomato 釡 Small potato, octopu,s sengoku bean Nanohiro 
roe and tofu jelly
Fried food 鱚 Scissors fried potatoes Edamame ginger Tianzu
Vinegar  Seaweed boiled, frozen turban shell ,shrimp silk and Junna delicious vinegar
Rice Red pepper paste rice with lily root
Desert Peach syrup boiled watermelon kiwi wine jelly cliff

※ Content may change according to seasonal changes and and stock availability..

From our Menu

Please enjoy the dishes from our cuisine

Iimages just for example. .


~ A party meal can also be enjoyed combining  local wines ~

To prepare meals seasonable and delicious, we have a very special ingredient

· We stock Ishikawa's sake. Centering on tjhe lion's village of Yuraka it is the sake brewery "Matsuura Brewery".

Please enjoy the great pairing of local sake and our cuisine.
Matsuura Brewery's website is here
· The wines are close to Yamanaka Onsen, come from Komatsu's "Mori Takasaki Wine" and we also carry natural wines from the French Land Rush District.


Breakfast 山中温泉「厨八十八」(Yamanaka Onsen Kuriya Yasohachi) 

We cook boiled rice 
We serve cooked rice with delicious meals to have the delicious breakfast "Kitaku eighth".

The speciality for breakfast, is rice cooked in ceraamic cooking pots.

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