Koorogi Bridge

Koorogi Bridge

A bridge made entirely of hinoki cypress crossing the Daishoji River in the Yamanaka Onsen hot spring resort area.
Many tourists visit throughout the year.

There are a variety of theories as to the origin of the bridge’s name; one theory says that the area was once called “行路(koro : path)-危(gi: dangerous)” due to its perilous nature, while another theory states that the name comes from the crickets (“koorogi” in Japanese) which sing in abundance in autumn.

Title Koorogi Bridge
Access From the hotel Korogi Bridge to is about 11 minutes on foot.
Address Korogimachi, Yamanaka Onsen, Kaga City, Ishikawa pref.
URL https://travel.navitime.com/en/area/jp/spot/02301-2500059/
Staff Information

From 山中温泉「厨八十八」(Yamanaka Onsen Kuriya Yasohachi) to Koorogi Bridge is about a 10-minute walk away.

It is recommended that exploring from kakusenkei via Koorogi Bridge to Ayatori-hashi Bridge and come back to Yamanaka Onsen.