Japanese Style Room with Outdoor Bath + Hori Kotatsu

Japanese Style Room with Outdoor Bath + Hori Kotatsu

Japanese-style room with outdoor bath and Hori Kotatsu

Room details

Japanese-style rooms equipped with an outdoor bath with a stream of hydrogen rich warmth water from Yamanaka hot spring plus "Hori Kotatsu".
From the room and the outdoor bath you can see the bamboo grove and the fabled Kakusenkei valley.
In the 12.5 tatami pure Japanese style room, there is a Hori Kotatsu: a recessed floor with an open pit where a heater is placed and a low, wooden table on top so that you can relax while drinking, reading or watching TV.
Only two of these rooms available per day.

2 to 5 people
12.5 tatami pure Japanese-style room and Hori Kotatsu
Room facilities
Shower toilet / Air conditioner / TV / Refrigerator / Safe
Hand towel / bath towel / work clothes / hairdryer / toothbrushing set

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