Yamanaka Onsen Area Tour Guide

Yamanaka Onsen Area Tour Guide

Yamanaka Onsen, a Thermal Spa Lasting 1300 Years.

Yamanaka Onsen Ryokan 山中温泉「厨八十八」(Yamanaka Onsen Kuriya Yasohachi) offers a large number of  beautiful attractions enjoyable every season against the background of the rich and polished traditional culture of Kanazawa. 

Enjoy strolling around!, Take your time.

Yamanaka Onsen Map

Why do not journey the attractions tour of the Yamanaka Onsen with one map in hand?

Stretching out a little ...

From Yamanaka Onsen you can go to the attractions of the turistical cities Kanazawa and Fukui, which are not far away.
After sightseeing, it is the plus of Yamanaka Onsen that you can take a rest in a ryokan in a quiet and rich natural environment.

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